Why The Copper Fruit?

A recurrent question Mum and I receive is why?  Why did you want to start The Copper Fruit.  Hopefully the linked article will expand on our motivations for what we are trying to achieve.

We were fortunate (and are still very honoured) to have had a chance meeting with the wonderful Ikesha Avo, Founder of online publication, One and We seeking to amplify the work of individuals aiming to straddle individualism and collectivity.  This meeting led to an afternoon of candidness, laughter and a revalidation of our purpose.

Maame Mary was ready with outfits and poses and her standard glowing energy, whereas I admittedly needed a little more coaxing for the photoshoot.  It was a refreshing experience to share the genesis of The Copper Fruit, the background that helped to shape our shared ideals and our aim in highlighting made in Africa (primarily Ghana) traditional and artisanal products alongside items that champion the symbolism and the rich, varied and often overlooked beauty of African art and artefacts.

Ikesha is looking for contributing writers and so please do contact her if you are similarly interested in telling the stories of those hoping to drive social change by their activity.

Read the full article here.

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