Luxury Gift Wrap - Ewe Kete (Kente) - Wrapping Paper

Luxury Gift Wrap - Ewe Kete (Kente) - Wrapping Paper

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Traditionally worn by royalty for special ceremonies, the varied designs and meanings of Kente cloth of Ghana have become synonymous with representations of African cultural wear. Our inspiration for this different type of Kente cloth is the cloth of the Ewe tribe of eastern Ghana.  This gift wrap is ideal for all occasions.

Wrap your presents in this in-house designed unique gift wrap in our signature copper colour scheme.  Great for wrapping Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Mothers' and Fathers' Day gifts. Equally it can be used for crafting and will add meaning and depth to any scrapbook.

Printed on 112gsm silk, each wrap presents as a flexible paper that doesn't show your gifts through the paper and bonds to sellotape well.

Please Note: This paper is supplied folded and protected in a board backed envelope.

SIZING: 700mm x 500mm


Your purchase enables us to split a percentage of our profits between a Women's cooperative, tree sapling planting in Ghana and our local food bank in the UK.

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