Basket weaving, Bolgatanga        

It was important for us to find and work with a Ghanaian run women's cooperative founded to ensure that we assist in the enhancement, strengthening and progress of the economic and social status of the communities who surround it. 

In meeting and working alongside Isaac, we have found a determined and community orientated young man who started his cooperative in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana in 2013.   It currently provides adhoc work for around sixty women and ten men, which in turn generates income that is used to sustain their families with daily living and education.  This community expertly produce our most eco friendly items - hand woven fans, baskets, home items and wall art - all made from the sustainable local elephant grass.  Such is the attention to detail that it can take up to a week to hand weave one basket!  Our favourite item is the U-shopper basket......so much room for so many things!

Please browse the amazing handmade items made by the expert cooperative artisans under the category, “Made in Ghana”.   Over time we hope to assist Isaac and the team to fund their priority projects – a dedicated weaving centre, easily accessible drinking water and transportation for the members.

We are proud to be the approved wholesale distributor for their items in Europe.  Please contact us for wholesale enquiries via email.
Rukie &BW
 Ghanaian multidiscipline artist  Kay-Ara (songwriting, acting  and interior design), identifies  all of the details that make his  country unique. He chooses to express his unique perspective of Ghana through photography; capturing particularly vivid images for our canvases and enjoys the colouring process.